Burial and Funeral Arrangements

People often leave instructions for what they want their loved ones to do with their bodies after they die. Some want to be buried in a particular place, maybe in a cemetery with other family. Other people would prefer to be cremated. They might want to have their ashes put in a special place.

People also have different ideas about their funerals and memorial services. These services are often very comforting for family and friends because they celebrate and honor the life of a loved one. Services also can make a statement about your religious faith.

You can use this worksheet to help communicate your preferences to your loved ones. After completing the worksheet, initial each page, and keep a copy of it with your other important papers, such as your will.Give a copy of the completed worksheet to your loved ones.

I would prefer to be: (Select one.)
No preference
I would like my remains to be put: (Enter your answer below.)
Other preferences:
Write down any thoughts you have about your funeral or memorial service, such as:
  • Where it should be held
  • Songs or readings to include
  • Where donations should be sent
  • Information for your obituary notice
  • Other wishes
Worksheet Complete!

Great job on finishing this worksheet, at this time you can either download the PDF of your worksheet or email it to yourself.