Organ Donation and Autopsy

Sometimes the organs and tissues of someone who has died can help other people who need them. You might want to donate your organs after you die. Or you might not want to. You can use this worksheet to help communicate your preferences for organ donation to others.

You can also use this worksheet to indicate whether you want to allow all or part of your body to be used for medical research

You can also indicate whether you want to have an autopsy after your death. The value of an autopsy is to understand disease and to train future health care professionals. After an autopsy, your body can be shown and buried. Your family members may be asked to give their consent for an autopsy. You can help them by indicating your preferences on this worksheet. Note that outside the VA health care system, there may be a charge for an autopsy in certain cases.

Do you want to donate your usable organs and tissues to other patients? (Check one)
Yes No Not Sure If you choose "yes" you should:
  • Fill out an organ donor card
  • Tell your loved ones
Do you want all or part of your body to be used for medical research? (Check one)
Yes No Not Sure
Would you allow an autopsy? (Check one)
Yes, but with the following limitations:
Not Sure
Worksheet Complete!

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